Self Portrait (for class)

It felt a bit strange doing a self portrait. 

The Beauty Under The Sea | Storyboard tumbnails

2 Queens, 1 Handsome Prince in distress, 3 Sea Nymphs, 1 Crazy Sea Witch & 1 Adventurous Princess + her twin brother. Based on Sleeping Beauty, I thought it would be fun the guy needed rescuing. Might get around to posting the drawings + narrative later.  Slacked off at SC: 12… Wanted to turn this into an online animated picture book, maybe during the summer? 

Natalie Portman

Just casually drawing other people’s OCs when I should be doing Web Design & Type 
Red Velvet Gijinka
I should be doing my homework insteadzxfgsfdcgvrieofgI prefer doing monochrome doodle, they’re much fasterrr.  
Matt Bomber
My first portrait.. It’s not yet finished. They haven’t taught us how to draw hair yet… Hope it somewhat looks like Matt Bomber!
Stayed up to draw my still life that I was supposed to have done last week. Cup + Class Penguin + Fountain pen.  
Nnnnn I really need to work on my typography. 
Gaia Online Commission: Sailor Nana
Gaia Online Commission: whale4lyfe
Gaia Online Commission: Ultra venus
Gaia Online Commission: Sailor Nana
Gaia Online Commission: P o p e d B u b b l e
Gaia Online Commission: Tiny White Crow
Gaia Online Commission: MelonKittii